1. Rates include: equipment such as skis, boards, life jacket and wetsuit
  2. A set can not be split in time and cannot be shared by 2 persons
  3. Non skied sets can not be reimbursed, shared or exchanged (ski / wakeboard clinics) but can be used during the season
  4. Every formula started must be paid in full
  5. Deposit is non refundable
  6. The book of 10 sets can be shared by direct family members
  7. The book of 10 sets is valid for 1 ski season
  8. The book of 10 sets must be paid before the first set
  9. In between sets and during the day, Skiers may use the other facilities of the Club, (Kayaques, Swimming Pool, Table Tennis, Mini Volleyball etc.) free of charge.
  10. Non-skiers: The first two non-skiers accompanying a skier can use the pool facilities free of charge
  11. The third and next non-skier pay each 10€ for half a day or 15€ for a whole day to use the club facilities.